For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Feb 4, 2009

Enjoy your economic freedom...

while you have it. Cos brutha, you ain't gonna have it for long at the feverish rate comrade Obama is ushering in Soviet style accounting. This cat is making Billy Jeff Clinton look like a raving supply sider.

Hat tip to the marvelous Michelle for this site that is keeping track of the stellar nominations of President Hope and Change. And while I haven't contracted Obama Derangement Syndrome...yet, I am beginning to wretch a little bit at the prospect of billions going to ACORN and Gitmo bunk mates roaming the streets of (pick your hometown).

At this point I know we're all hoping that the change doesn't get any more Marxists than it already has with Saint Barry's what's yours is mine stimulus plan, but it ain't looking good ain't looking good at all.

Lefties across Amerikkka convulsed in horror at the prospect of the slippery slope of wiretapping those simpatico with transferring large amounts of cash to terror supporting countries; but nary a peep when their economic freedoms are trampled upon in the name of fairness via government. Symptoms of acute and incurable Bush Derangement Syndrome incubated in Obamaphoria.

Who does Barry think he's jiving with that Cosmik Debris? Apparently about 66 million voters, that's who.


  1. ...Gitmo bunk mates roaming the streets of (pick your hometown).

    If the guys from Gitmo have to be released in the States, hopefully it's somewhere where the citizens are armed to the teeth.

  2. ECI: That would be the case down here in South Kakalacki :)

  3. Just let them go in DC. What's a few more hundred criminals there?

  4. I finally got you blogrolled...sorry it took so long! It was Thomas Jefferson who said that banks were a bigger threat to our freedom than anything else. True true, but I would like to add the credit agencies are as tyrannical as they come...

  5. Actually a new poll out is showing cracks in the support for his economic "plan"

  6. Nikki you are marrrrvelous! And the country may indeed be FUBAR by the time the banks and the guvmint get through with it.

    Chuck I hope so because the plan itself is full of cracks and a whole lot more.

  7. His numbers, and the numbers for this ridiculous stimulus plan are tanking, Chuck's right. HOOrah!

    man, it's weird to see Frank Zappa again...I liked it!!

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  9. MAN, commoncents, you are ONE BUSY BLOGGER!!!!