For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Jul 31, 2009

Big ears and bigger mouth

So the dumbo in chief is having a beer in the rose garden with his racist friend and the man his racist friend accused of a being a racist. Blacks always say that they cannot be racist because whites have the power. While that is a dodge lets assume their viewpoint. Who is more powerful than the president of the U.S. ? He took up the side of his friend supposedly without knowing the facts and called the friend's arresting officer , performing the duty he was intrusted with doing, acting "stupidly". While I have no doubt that Obama is a racist and that his professor friend is one also, I do not believe that the officer in question is a candidate for this label. He was sent on this call by his "black " superior because of his being a instructor in racial sensitivity. Upon arriving at scene and attempting to do his job in a cordial manner he was subjected to a lowbrow assault by a highbrow professor. And after great forbearance arrested the professor for causing a disturbance. The professor was warned repeatedly before the arrest. I, myself, would have tased his dumb ass. However I am not deceived by the president's reaction. This was not about his friend's arrest. Obama was attempting to use the race card to elevate his sagging poll numbers. It backfired in a big way. Hence the beer in the rose garden. Drink up Dumbo.

Jul 21, 2009

Nobody nukes Obamanation like VDH!

Victor Davis Hanson should be mandatory reading for the minded numbed masses of Obama voters who still cling to the idiotic notion that any of this Bolshevik crap is going to work.

From his excellent work:

Americans are waking up to the fact that their president says, promises, and does things that simply do not make sense, at odds with what they know of human physics — with the predictable nature of the way humans have conducted themselves for centuries: Borrowing is debt, not “stimulus”; serial apologies soon sound insincere or become counterproductive; blaming someone else becomes tiresome; scapegoating leads nowhere; taking responsibility for failure is as necessary as being praised for success; people can be fooled only so many times by sonorous, ego-laced rhetoric.

Read the whole thing here.

Jul 6, 2009

Philanderers, serial killers and bad drivers oh my!

It doesn't come as trippingly off the tongue as lions, tigers and bears, but it does describe the current situation in the Palmetto state. Hell, Oz couldn't be much stranger than our little state. And yes, I included "bad drivers" in my unholy paean to Dorothy and the crew; mostly to fill out the bill, and partly because, if you've had the pleasure to visit our beautiful little corner of the world by auto, you probably noticed the precipitous decline in driving IQ the moment you crossed the border. There's granny in the passing lane doing 50, and frickin' Richard Petty passing her on the right, shooting the finger and questioning her lineage. But I digress.

What more can be said of our love struck governor? You know, he of the sophomoric email composed along the Argentinian trail. Mark Sanford may not be Edward the VIII and Maria Chapur may (or may not be) be foxier than Wallis Simpson , but Three Ball Dead believes that Markie boy is likely to spread on a little Clearasil and bolt for South America: giving up the governorship, the run for prez and his beleaguered wife's tool money. Nobody ever accused us Carolinians of great judgemental abilities. See the beginning of the Civil War.

And finally, a serial killer stalks the fine people of Gaffney (which down here could be a guy named Bubba with a Glock, going through a messy divorce that ends with the beleaguered wife - see above -getting custody of the F150). So far he's randomly killed 5 seemingly unrelated people in this town of 10,000. As we go to press, word has it that Gaston County NC police (twenty miles north of Gaffney) killed a man this morning during a burglary attempt. The man apparently matches the description of the killer...and so does his vehicle. Too bad a Gaffneyian with good aim didn't get the opportunity to clip this hump.

Many thanks to my compatriots for commenting while I vacated this past week. Meanwhile, I return completely unrested and, in fact, on the very verge of exhaustion. Here's to my Vera Wang mattress and the friendly confines of home sweet home.