For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Feb 26, 2009

Reading between the lines...

Is a must when dealing with liberalism.

geeeeez had a nice take on Mrs. Clinton's China comments a few days ago. Here is my tin foil hat opinion. First, a little background:

BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States will press China on human rights but this will not keep them from working together on the financial crisis, climate change and North Korea, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday. Making her first trip abroad as secretary of state, Clinton said three of her top priorities in Beijing will be addressing the global economic crisis, climate change and security challenges such as the North Korean nuclear weapons programme.

Now here is the money quote:

"Now, that doesn't mean that questions of Taiwan, Tibet, human rights, the whole range of challenges that we often engage on with the Chinese, are not part of the agenda," Clinton told reporters in Seoul before flying to Beijing. "But we pretty much know what they are going to say.

"We have to continue to press them but our pressing on those issues can't interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises," she added. "We have to have a dialogue that leads to an understanding and cooperation on each of those."

No, Mrs. Clinton isn't about to ruffle Chinese feathers over human rights. I'm pretty sure that she admires their methods. Hillary Clinton is an avowed Alinsky socialist. She shares the condescending elitism of President Obama. They see it as their duty to save America from individuals in general - and the free market in particular. To them, government is always the solution. To paraphrase the Prez...they are the ones we've been waiting for. To quote her, "It Takes A Village". The "ones" and "village" refer to the Government. A big, far reaching, bloated, overbearing government. Chines style.

As for the Chinese, sure, Hillary "pretty much knows what they are going to say" concerning human rights. Hell, she's on the same page. She's simpatico, she's a comrade. Piddling issues like human freedom can't get in the way of of the more pressing concerns of the times: "The global economic crisis, the climate crisis, and the security crisis."

And I'm curious about what Dame Clinton is thinking when she refers to the "security crisis". We know they blame capitalism for the "economic crisis" and the "climate change crisis". Of course, in liberalese that means us. But what of the security crisis? Terrorism? That is doubtful; many liberals think the war on extremist Islam is a sham in the first place; that America is the real problem. By security crisis does she mean The Iranian/Korean push to get the bomb? Maybe.

But I'm the suspicious type, and knowing Mr. Obama's and Mrs. Clinton's proclivity toward expansive government solutions, I can't help but think that when Mrs. Clinton speaks of the "security crisis" that she is thinking about American citizens revolting against the government Leviathan: The praying, gun toting, average, patriotic, people that comprise the vast majority of the country could pose a problem when they attempt to implement their plan. We are the fly in the ointment, the monkey wrench in the machine that stands in the way of the grand strategy of elitist, socialistic government. With guns sales soaring and the chattering classes rumbling at the prospect of intrusive, unaccountable government, people like Clinton and Obama probably think that Chinese style control of the citizenry looks pretty good. Should we be surprised when they attempt to employ similar tactics?

Feb 17, 2009

White Christian man whacks off wife's head...

Well...not really...

I was in the fair city of Buffalo New York last week attending my mother in law's funeral...and while I was there one might say that the ca-ca hit the fan. The main stream media covered, as they should, the tragic crash of flight 3407. However, you had to search the back pages for mention of the Buffalo man who whacked off his wife's head.

Any guesses as to the religion of the head chopper? As Steyn says, it begins with an I and ends with a slam. Several conservative news sources remarked with faux surprise the lack of coverage this vicious crime received in the MSM. Imagine if some Tim Horton's swilling, Christian, white guy had committed this crime. Can you say front page news? The shock and outrage would have been more intense than the stiff breeze blowing off Lake Erie. And that is one stiff breeze by my deep south standards.

And the irony of this murderous act is the details as reported by the Buffalo News:

Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer
of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes that it
would help portray Muslims in a more positive light.

Whoops! So much for the positive light angle.

With a crime of this nature one would expect a bearded, turban wearing jihadist holding his wife's burqua covered head up for a photo op. But no. Instead, we see the smiling faces of a typical American couple. But apparently Muzzammil was typical only by his fancy American threads. It seems the Missus wanted out of the he obliged her with a divorce...Muslim style.

Where was the wall to wall coverage of this crime? It was buried in the back pages so as to not insult Islam, that's where is was.

Lesson: You can take the boy out of Islam, but you can't take the Islam out of the boy.

RIP Mrs. Hassan.

Feb 16, 2009

We need more power Captain!

A friend of mine and and croquet adversary, Ridgeway, thinks that President Obama and the Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk have the same quirky vocal cadence. "Close your eyes and listen to Obama", he said. So, I did, and sure enough the President sounds like Kirk: The halting inflection, the glibness and the calm delivery. It's all there.

And the Star Trek comparisons mustn't stop with Obama's vocal modulation. We could surmise that the massive pork pie being baked by the government has more than a hint of science fiction in its ingredients. Nikki recently had a comprehensive wish list of starry eyed liberals ...most of it going to pay off every lefty in the Federation with a heartbeat - and some without. I can just hear, let's call him Kirkobama, saying to ACORN, "I with a cool four billion to help your people better register dead voters and steal elections".

To further the Star Trek metaphor, the latest news from Iran is that head Klingon, Mahmoud Iminajihad, wants to have a sit down with President Kirkobama. I foresee the president accepting a gift of Tribbles from Mahmoud in appreciation for getting Bush out of the way. Ultimately, the superstitious, bitter clingers in Western Pennsylvania will wind up waist deep in the furry little creatures - compliments of their President. Predictably, Tribbles turn out to be resource depleting, bad driving, crime committing reprobates. No problemo though, The President will give them all amnesty and remind all the rednecks "I won the election. Deal with it! Straight ahead Mr. Emanuel." Then Kirkobama will promise the Klingons/Iranians that America will stand down if they decide to wipe Israel off the face of the Federation map. Ultimately, the real coup of the much anticipated Kirkobama/Klingon summit will be the discovery that a serious strain of syphilis has infiltrated several of the Mullahs. Kirkobama, in a humanitarian gesture, will call in Surgeon General Sanjay "Bones" Gupta to whip up a tetracycline milkshake to remedy the situation. Thus, a Galactic crisis is averted. But don't mind that mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. Move along, there's nothing to see there.

Of course, the TV/movie Kirk had no problem dealing harshly with the space trash littering up the universe. He'd beam up just in the nick of time to avoid being disintegrated by an exploding civilization. But there was no moping around for Kirk; by dinnertime he was looking forward to new challenges and heading there in warp drive. President Obama on the other hand appears to be looking perpetually backward. His dour crisis mongering is pathetic considering his messianic hype. And backward it is: The President likes to posture himself as a reincarnated Roosevelt. Naturally then, President Obama's economic solution is to boldly go in reverse to where we have gone before - and failed miserably: A big 1930's style government power grab complete with centralized 's solutions to problems government created in the first place. In the Roosevelt era, after 7 years of New Dealism, unemployment was still hovering at 20 percent. America's involvement in World War II was the catalyst for bringing the country out of The Great Depression, not nanny government, aka, socialism.
It has become a hackneyed phrase, but it is apropos considering the galaxy sized can of stupidity being opened by Obama: Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here.

Feb 9, 2009

Lindsey Graham's not so brave stance...

When Lindsey Graham was first elected to Congress in 1994, he went there with great promise. His impassioned pleas for limited government and a strong military was music to the ears of South Carolinians - and neophyte conservatives such as I. It was the salad days for conservatism; big tax increases and the threat of Clinton Care ushered in a flood of young conservatives clutching in hand The Contract With America. Lindsey Graham was in that class. It was rarefied air. It had been over forty years since conservatives had enjoyed the majority.

And the new majority did check and balance Clintonism. As revenues from the President's large tax increase began to flow in, the conservatives and Lindsey held the line on spending and deficits began to shrink. Of course, Clinton gets all the credit for that balanced budget, but liberals are suspending reality if they believe Clinton did not have that tax money earmarked. What we are watching happen today with the porked-out Obama plan was also the grand plan of Clinton, Inc., but the 1994 conservative Congress got in the way - just like they were supposed to.

Then something happened. The metamorphosis was indeed Kafkaesque. Lindsey Graham woke up one morning from unsettling dreams and found himself changed in his bed. He had not become a giant cockroach, but instead a liberal democrat. Well, not exactly - he does still say the right things on battling terrorism - but Lindsey's views on illegal immigration, his political spooning with Teddy Kennedy, and his ultimate love affair with "reach across the isle" John McCain (Gang of 14, etc), belies his conservative banner. His limited government, economic freedom mantras of 1994 succumbed to "principled compromise". The folks back home in South Carolina were (and are) puzzled. But not so puzzled that they didn't send him back to the Senate in 08. Honestly speaking, by re-electing Lindsey, South Carolinians will get the government they deserve...and are getting.

So here we are at the precipice of applied liberalism and Lindsey miraculously appears from the burning building carrying a baby, an orphan, and an old lady on his back - and waving at the cameras his long lost conservative credentials. His spittal spewing speech last week on the senate floor might be taken seriously if he weren't for the raging case of Washingtonitus he contracted after his election to the Senate in 2002. It was then that he stopped looking out for the rubes back home and began looking out for himself...and with "getting along". His constituents became "bigots" for not supporting his push for amnesty and his aforementioned man crush on John McCain was a further symptom of the disease.

So it is good to hear Lindsey Graham say the things he used to say...and perhaps even used believe; but now he pontificates with nothing to lose. Democrats do not need his vote to pass the lets make America an economic basketcase like Europe bill. His grandstanding rhetoric seems empty and capricious at this late date. His principled compromise tarnishes his once conservative reputation. Where were you when we needed you Lindsey? Now, with the specter of rampant economic liberalism lurking like the ghost of Karl Marx, your eyes roll back in your head and you begin to channel Reagan. Nice speech, but you're too late Lindsey, far too late.

Feb 4, 2009

Enjoy your economic freedom...

while you have it. Cos brutha, you ain't gonna have it for long at the feverish rate comrade Obama is ushering in Soviet style accounting. This cat is making Billy Jeff Clinton look like a raving supply sider.

Hat tip to the marvelous Michelle for this site that is keeping track of the stellar nominations of President Hope and Change. And while I haven't contracted Obama Derangement Syndrome...yet, I am beginning to wretch a little bit at the prospect of billions going to ACORN and Gitmo bunk mates roaming the streets of (pick your hometown).

At this point I know we're all hoping that the change doesn't get any more Marxists than it already has with Saint Barry's what's yours is mine stimulus plan, but it ain't looking good ain't looking good at all.

Lefties across Amerikkka convulsed in horror at the prospect of the slippery slope of wiretapping those simpatico with transferring large amounts of cash to terror supporting countries; but nary a peep when their economic freedoms are trampled upon in the name of fairness via government. Symptoms of acute and incurable Bush Derangement Syndrome incubated in Obamaphoria.

Who does Barry think he's jiving with that Cosmik Debris? Apparently about 66 million voters, that's who.

Feb 3, 2009

From the "get 'em while they're young" department

The liberal intelligentsia is hard at work shaping the way children view the new president.

It is nevertheless telling that in picture books purportedly designed to teach children about Obama's life ample room is found for grand explication of his Holy Ghost-like omniscient global citizenship and the transubstantiation of his "very being" into a "bridge that joined nations" (past tense?) but no space for any earth-bound facts of his remarkable rise, which even his most diehard fans would presumably (hopefully?) acknowledge as corporeal in nature.

I haven't looked into it, but I doubt you'd be able to find very many fluffy children's stories about G.W. Bush...or Reagan? Fuhgddaboutit!

More from the article:

Son of Promise tells us of Barry's adventures in the "wonderland" of Indonesia, where he "caught crickets, flew kites, and joyed in the jungle at the edge of his new home -- a perfect paradise until the sight of beggars broke his heart." Like Perseus, Jason and every last Argonaut before him, child Obama glimpses his own righteous destiny in this unremarkable experience: "Barry started to wonder, Will I ever be able to help people like these? Hope hummed deep inside of him. Someday, son. Someday."

Soviet style propaganda is alive and well with this porked out bunch. Somebody bring me a bucket!

Daschle out!

This is really not good news: I looked forward to lampooning ol' Tom Terrific, but alas it is not to be. But not to worry, I have the utmost confidence that Prez Barry will nominate someone of equal stupidity to fill the Sec. of Health and Human Services spot. There most certainly must be some IQ challenged big government coruptocrat ready to step in and make a complete ass of him/herself on the Obama altar. After all, how much brain power does it take to warn us about rotten peanut butter? Actually this sounds like the perfect job for Mr. Peanut himself, Jimbo Carter. Maybe Barry could convince him to stop kissing Islam's ass long enough to brow beat America for it's conspicuous fat consumption. I nominate Jimmy Carter for Secretary of HHS. He demostrates that perfect blend of sanctimonious, slobbering elitism that is required to function in the bizzaro world of fascist-liberal politics.

From the contributors of Midst The Hum:

We've decided to separate snarky political observation from mill hill rumination; hence, Three Ball Dead. The contributors to this site represent a potpourri of delusional opinion. Obamphobia: you betcha. Bush fatigue: most certainly. Mistrust of Government: a prerequisite in my humble opinion. So strap on a flak jacket and wade into the knee deep sarcasm that IS Three Ball Dead.

What the hell is three ball dead and all this croquet nonsense? Three ball dead is a croquet term that describes the situation you find yourself in after you have hit the other three balls in a croquet game without having made a wicket. Think of it as having zeroed out your checking account with bills still to pay. Think of it as having your girlfriend find out that you have been dating two of her closest friends. To be three ball dead, to quote an old croquet aficionado is to be "a worthless bum".

So the name of this blog refers more to where we as citizens find ourselves in regards to government/politicians than that of the contributors. Actually, the contributors are all erudite individuals who, just like everybody else, wonders what in the name of goodness and decency has happened to our republic? How is it that our nation has fallen into the hands of corrupt, career politicians that, when the grimy veneer is removed, are indistinguishable from one another.