For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Apr 30, 2009

The Obama Flu?...

President Obama, in typical humanitarian style, proposes a billion and a half dollars to fight the present pandemic of Swine flu - and he's not stopping there. He's taking on future flu bugs as they come along. "The One" must be in his glory as he envisions himself and Michelle donning a mask and giving flu shots to his compatriots back in the Wards of Chicago. I'll be surprised if anyone from ACORN gets the flu.

Clinton cronies always lamented after 9-11 that Billy Jeff didn't get his chance at greatness like W did in the aftermath of the attack; but our man Obama is getting the spotlight big time.

  • He's battling the ravaged economy by quadrupling the Bush budgets.

  • He's apologizing like crazy to anybody who will listen so as to get America back her name.

  • He's letting the poor boys go free that got picked up by Special Forces and wrongfully charged with terrorism.

  • And he's disarming the nukes as fast as he can.

Dammit, what more can he do?

He can take on the flu and pour a cool 1.5 bill into the ass kicking effort, that's what he can do. A man for all seasons. He's always a step if he almost knew of the pandemic ahead of time. A man for the times. He can change the world!

And it's getting creepier by the day. The tools that released this video weren't kidding were they?

Barry's Prompter has a blog!

In case you haven't heard, the TOTUS has his own blog. Read it here. Hat tip El Rushbo.

"Reflections from the hard drive of the machine that enables the voice of the Leader of the Free World"

It was just a matter of time.

Apr 29, 2009

Spector and Specter: April showers bring...

It's been an interesting month for a couple of guys with homophonic names. First, on April 14, Phil Spector of Let It Be fame landed in the the big house for shooting and killing actress Lana Clarkson. A commentary on the whole creepy tale is here. RIP Lana. And sayonara Phil. And Phil, once you get to prison, look into that new invention they call shampoo.

Then yesterday, Arlen Specter, the senior Senator from Pennsylvania, declared himself a Democrat, thus completing his transformation into a completely useless human being. In any event, his McCainish "reach across the isle" routine had him agreeing with big government liberals more often than not, so his changing teams was no big surprise. It's not as if Perez Hilton suddenly found his testicles. A closer look into his decision reveals that he was likely on the way to losing his Republican primary bid for reelection. Hence, he probably liked his chances better as a Democrat. Welcome home Arlen. I'm sure Barry is preparing the fatted calf as we speak.
Politicians in general, and Democrats in particular have nothing but disdain for the voters. Check out the following quotes by Lincoln Chaffee as reported by from the Hufffington Puffington Post's Sam Stein:

Indeed, when I spoke with former Senate moderate Lincoln Chafee about Specter's tough political spot roughly a month ago (when the prospect of a primary challenge had only begun to materialize) he lamented the litmus test that GOP officials are forced to take.
"It's enormous pressure, especially with the threats of primary," said the former Rhode Island Republican. "It is a no win. You are trying to help move the country forward and you have this small universe of a Republican primary in Pennsylvania, you are in for a scrap in it."

If I am hearing Mr. Chaffee correctly, "the small universe of a Republican primary", aka VOTERS, are getting in the way of the massive government regulation and spending that people such as Specter and his new cronies on the liberal left are pushing. How dare the voters not go along with government control of everything! Don't they realize that Washington knows better? How dare someone question Mr. Specter by opposing him in the primaries (and by all accounts running well ahead of him). Liberals like Chaffee see voter consternation as a "litmus test". The people be damned. Obama's will must be done.

Specter obviously views the voter as an impediment to Washington's plan to tax, regulate and restrict Americans on every front. Here's hoping that Pat Toomey cleans Specter's clock in the 2010 election, thus ridding Pennsylvania and the nation of a fool.

Phil Spector is in Pennsylvanians need to add Arlen Specter to the unemployment roll.

Apr 20, 2009

Local Media Mathematically Challenged!

Are we surprised?

WSPA's website conservatively reported the crowd size as "more than a thousand", which is technically true, but looking at the photos in the post below it is clear that a hell of a lot more than 1000 people attended. There was easily a thousand people standing on the parking garage and sitting on the steps leading to it. Why fudge the numbers so negatively? The genius that posted this report probably has his wife/girlfriend convinced of other mathematical improbabilities too. And they all would make lousy carpenters.

In the same report, Mr. Mathematician failed to mention the size of the crowd at the "Save Our Schools rally" which was jointly held by a hip hop radio station and the Greenville County Democratic Party. Notice also the tight shots of that rally. A wider angle would have shown maybe a 100 people tops. And every TV station that filed a report used the same guy for their interview comments. He must have been the only one speaking something other than ebonics in the whole crowd. Good grief!

The Greenville Democratic Party reported on their website that "several hundred" people attended the "SOS" rally. Well, drop the "hundred" and you might be getting close to the truth; for, in fact, several people did show up. Somebody send these morons a hundred bucks and tell them that Sanford decided to pony up after all. Judging by their accounting abilities, they'll think they've hit the jackpot...and the schools will be saved by the windfall!!! Also, as of Sunday evening, co-sponsor of the event WJMZ had yet to post any news about their Friday night venture. We can't wait to get their head count.

WYFF was somewhat more accurate in their reporting, giving the SOS rally "more than a hundred" and the Tea Party upwards of 10,000 attendees.

Until Friday night, the largest tea party protest in Greenville had drawn about 2,000 people. Police said Friday night's crowd was five times as big, making it the biggest ever in South Carolina.

Whether there were 1000, 2000 or ten thousand people in attendance at the Tea Party, one thing is for certain, when the crowd chanted USA, USA, USA, the "hundreds" on the other side of the Bilo Center damn well heard it.

Apr 18, 2009

The Greenville Right Wing Extremists Party

Greenville South Carolina waited until Friday evening to have their Tea Party and it was a rousing success. Local media downplayed the size of the crowd (imagine that!), but 5000+ ultra right wing, bitter, gun toting, sky God praying, patriots converged on The Bilo Center to protest. The Highlights of the evening included:

  • A speech by Congressman Gresham Barrett that was heard by no one. Representative Barrett made the unfortunate decision to vote for the initial bailout bill. The crowd hissed and booed at him until he left the stage. Hot Air has the whole painful thing here. Gotta give Barrett a winky button for hanging in there. It will be interesting to see if he can overcome his "mistake" now that he intends to run for Governor. His likely Primary opponent, Andre Bauer, also spoke at the Party - and while Bauer did not get a king's reception, he had to be pleased to see Barrett get hammered by the crowd.
  • A not so rousing speech by Governor Mark Sanford. A lot of folks think he's presidential material...I just can't get past his lackadaisical efforts in promoting the business climate in SC. Maybe I'm missing something. But he is right on the stimulus bucks. The feds are making a power move on the states with this lootfest and Sanford knows it.
  • Intense and crowd pleasing speeches by national syndicated talker Mike Gallagher and local talk show host, Russ Cassell. The evening ended with a well received speech by Senator Jim Demint. When it comes to standing for conservative principles, Senator Demint has the bona fides. I bet Gresham Barrett would like to take back that decision to join Wittle Windsey Gwaham in standing with the enemies of freedom by voting for the bailout (s) . Senator Demint clearly reveled in the moment - and he had every right too. How about Jim Demint for President? And by the way, where was Lindsey Graham? Did his invitation get lost in the maiBulleted Listl?

  • As I mentioned here, another protest occured on the opposite side of the BLC. Deemed by local rap station WJMZ the "save our schools" rally, only a 100 people or so attended. Of course, local media claimed "hundreds attended". A total fabrication. Pathetic.

  • The people and the signs: Who said conservative weren't funny and creative? However, to make the Tea Party movement worth while, the people must organize, influence and persuade their fellow Americans to wake up. There is only one choice that makes sense intellectually, and that is to rid the government of power hungry socialists politicians. We, the people, must take this case to the addled masses. Otherwise, the movement is dead in it's tracks and the enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will gain strength...and so will tyranny.

Apr 17, 2009

It's getting crowded on the protest grounds!

Greenville Tea Party Update:

ACORN (if they show up) will have company. The Greenville County Democratic Party and Urban (sup dawg?) radio station WJMZ are holding a protest at the same the same place as the Tea Party. The Democrats and Hip Hoppers are protesting Governor Mark Sanford's handling of South Carolina's share of the stimulus money. All under the guise of "Save our schools".

While Republicans protest government spending in front of the arena, Democrats will be protesting Gov. Mark Sanford’s stance on $700 million in economic stimulus money in the back.
A "Save our Schools" rally organized by the Greenville County Democratic Party and local radio station WJMZ is scheduled to start in the Bi-Lo Center parking lot at the same time as the Republican tea party.

60% of state taxes already go to education...but it is never enough. Every school in Greenville County has been rebuilt within the last few years at enormous costs to taxpayers...but it is never enough. Teachers make a good living (many working only 9 months a year) and, if they survive until retirement, receive a full pension and benefits all on the public tab until they die...but it is never enough.

And now, Democrats (are all teachers Democrats?) are hookin' up with the purveyors of Snoop Dog, Kanye and Akon (WJMZ) to jockey for position at the government teat.

What a contrast: Thousands gathering together to protest the waste and corruption of their government...and tens, or maybe hundreds, huddled together yapping for money that should never have been appropriated in the first place.

So in honor of the interesting collaboration of the Greenville County Democratic Party and "Gangsta" WJMZ, a right wing extremist version of Money.

Apr 15, 2009

Looking for the perfect party song...

I'd hoped to find a YouTube of Sam Cooke doing We're Having a Party, but alas there was none to be had. There was Rod Stewart's version, but it's just not the same. Sam's original effort is far my humble opinion.

We're having a party,
dancing to the music
played by the D.J.
on the radio...
So, Mister, Mr. D.J.
keep those records playing
coz I'm having such a good time,
dancing with my baby

Well I don't know how much dancing we'll be doing Friday night, but we will be protesting the ever lengthening reach of Daddy guvmint...along with thousands of our fellow disgruntled citizens at the Greenville, South Carolina Tea Party.

Word has it that a contingent of ACORN members will counter protest across the street from the Party. To them we say come on down you bunch of deadbeat parasites. Maybe you'll learn something about your nation by witnessing your fellow Americans admonishing their government for spending too much money and stomping on individual freedoms. But we won't be holding our collective breath, we are well aware of your organization's addiction to government pork and political correctness. And we are also aware of your thick as theives relationship with St. Barry.
On another matter, I have several dead relatives interested in voter registration...and I'm told you guys at ACORN are the ones to see about such things.

If ACORN shows up as predicted, then you can bet your diversity training that somebody will whip out the race card. After all, it is a basic tenet of progressivism that only the unrepentant bigot would publicly clamor for limited government. Of course, limited government (if a reality) would not fund quasi Marxists groups such as Acorn. That fact could be the driving force behind their counter protests. This group of government funded shakedown artists knows they exist only by the grace of the taxpayer...

You may now play the race card in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

Apr 8, 2009


Perusing the greater minds of intelligentsia, I came upon this splendid editorial by Victor Davis Hanson. Of all the great dissections of Obama's visit to Europe, this is one of the best. Hanson provides an insightful punch list on just how insidious this trip was. This observation appears near the end of the list.

A modest suggestion: from now on, every president who wishes to go abroad and review all his lesser citizens’ collective past and present sins, with accompanying apologies — to applause from foreigners — must first, in the spirit of New Testament atonement, review his own regrettable transgressions. It would go something like this:

Hanson then applies that standard to Obama...and with devastating results. Here is what "The One" might say should he take the plank out of his eye first:

“Today we witness a global financial meltdown — a result of a dangerous nexus between lax politicians and unethical high finance. I know this well, and wish to apologize for taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the now-bankrupt AIG financial firm, which sought to escape proper regulation by offering campaign contributions to politicians like myself, who unilaterally renounced the three-decade tradition of public campaign finance.”

Hanson nails it. He also exposes Obama's muddled foreign policy. The President seems to be apologizing for Guantanamo and torture, while at the same time continuing the Bush policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ponder: Daily those from Waziristan to Kuwait promise another 9/11 like hit. Iran tries everything under the sun to get its bomb. We send thousands more soldiers to Afghanistan; we kill dozens each month with Predator strikes in Afghanistan (rather a bit meaner than putting terrorists into Guantanamo cells with Korans and Mediterranean food).

Read it from the beginning. It's a great editorial with many compelling insights. This is the type of hard hitting commentary that turned me from a clueless, feeling liberal into an inquisitive, thinking conservative.