For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

May 21, 2009

I just had a Charles Schulz moment...

I took the opportunity this morning to listen to our dear leader's latest whine fest on Gitmo. Amongst the brilliant things the TOTUS had to say was that (I'm paraphrasing), our "values" are what keep us safe and that holding the head choppers in Gitmo "compromises national security".

Neither of those declarations make one bit of sense. First, "our values" are precisely why radical Islam has a bulls eye on America to begin with. Our values, or what used to be our values, of individual freedom, religious freedom, economic freedom, etc, etc, are a direct contradiction to the ass backward, Western civilization killing tenants of Islam. Come on Mr. President, have you crawled so far down the multicultural hole that you see no differences between the culture of death and human misery and that of life and human liberty?

As for national security: how in blue blazes does detaining the mass murderers of an evil cult cause us to be "less safe"? I mean, seriously Barry, you must have toked up a ton of that Maui Wowee during your formative years. By your standards, we would be "safer" if Charles Manson was still roaming the streets. It is the same no deterrent argument that those opposed to capital punishment love to make; but it defies reason. An extra crispy mass murderer ain't causing any problems; and neither is a deranged Mohammedan facing east from his cell at Gitmo. And we've already seen the recidivism rate of "detainees" returned to their clans. Furthermore, this particular brand of Islam, you know, the brand that wants to kill free people, would still be plotting destruction whether Gitmo was in business or not. It seems that according to Barry, it simply has to be our fault that they hate us and want to kill us.

As his speech meandered along, I realized that President Obama, despite the accolades attributed to his speaking abilities, has all the engaging qualities of Charlie Brown's school teacher: wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah; and not nearly the intellectual depth.

May 12, 2009

The Backdrop of Reality...

If you think borrowing and printing trillions of dollars is a really dumb idea, especially after the last Prez tanked the economy by borrowing (from China) and spending too much (education, illegal immigration, Medicare Prescription Program, Fannie, Freddie, etc) , you're right. If you view closing Gitmo (instead of making it bigger) a sign of weakness before the sworn enemies of Western Civilization, you're right again. If you think increasing US outlays to the United Nations to 54 billion by 2010 is madness, again, you are correct. If you think imposing massive taxes on Americans based on a quasi religious environmentalism is beyond stupid, you may not deserve a medal for astuteness, but you are right again. If you think genuflecting, apologizing and promising to disarm America is a strategy devised by imbeciles, you may not be MENSA material, but you are at the very least awake.

Obamanation, Obamanism,'s all right out of a science fiction novel. The double speak, the assault on individualism - are we not living in a Brave New World? We have arrived in the post American period and it is in a word, surreal.

And speaking of Surrealism, this week we celebrated Salvadore Dali's birthday. Dali of course is famous for being a charter member of surrealists painters who's paintings exhibited the "greater reality" of man's subconscious over his reason. Which, is an apt description of the mind numbing policies listed above. Reason be damned! Every half wit in the world knows that compounding runaway government (Bush) with quadruple the effort (Obama) is unworkable, but, like the Dali paintings, we convince ourselves that it's a beautiful thing, and that it all makes perfect sense if you simply suspend rational thought.

But eventually, to quote Barry Obama's fave-o-rite pastor, the chickens will come home to roost; and reason will again...must rule the day. We ultimately run out of money...other people's money to be more exact, and the slavish relativism of utopian dreams become too scary (and expensive) to comprehend, let alone employ. Like Dali's The Persistence of Memory, we're fascinated by the melting watches, but we know that reality is rigid and unrelenting, not given to our flights of political fancy. Hope and change has a nice ring to it, but if you must rob the free man of his life and his livelihood to achieve it...what good have you done? The background of Memory is stark and not surrealistic at all when juxtaposed to the melting watches. Today, Obamism is the melting phantasm in American politics and culture; while working, creative, risk taking, Americans are the rock solid backdrop of reality. Even Dali eventually gave up the rambling subconsciousness of Surrealism and was soon expelled from the movement. I think it's a stretch to expect Obama to shed his surreal Alinski indoctrination for limited government and rugged individualism; but, freedom loving Americans standing persistently in the background will be there to reintroduce the world to reality once the weak engine of socialism sputters and fails. And it will fail.

May 3, 2009

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee...

It took a lot of years,
But at last I finally see.

As a thirteen year old boy I became caught up in the hype of the 1971 boxing match between Mohammed Ali and South Carolinian Joe Frazier. The March 8 title fight in Madison Square Garden, billed as The Fight of the Century, was compelling in that both fighters came in undefeated and it marked the return of Clay, now Ali, to the ring. The public backlash to the Vietnam War was fever pitch...and the war weary nation was in a forgiving mood concerning Cassius Clay's conscientious objection (which landed him in jail); likewise, Clay's conversion to Islam raised even fewer eyebrows despite the growing Islamic extremism in the Middle East. So, oblivious to the political and religious implications, I threw in with the media favorite Ali. It took me years to realize my mistake.

Eighteen years later amidst my great re-awakening...I began to reevaluate many aspects of my belief system. First, I crawled out of the existentialist hole in which I had descended and accepted the Grace of God and the gift of his Son. Among the more trivial consequences of my revival was the realization that the John Lennon Song Imagine, reeking of moral relevence, really sucked..., and that Mohammed Ali was a traitor and a coward. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise when I saw this article by the always insightful Victor Hanson.

It seems that all sports journalists subscribe to the same slobbering love for Mohammed Ali...and it grates on me every time I hear or read the fawning stories. I thought I'd vomit the night he lit the torch at the Atlanta Olympics. Now, I view Ali, his boxing skill notwithstanding, as an undeserving huckster who hid his cowardices behind a savage religion. It's about time somebody said so. And it's about time somebody said something good about smoking Joe Frazier. He may not have been as good in the ring as Ali, but he was twice the man. The following is from Hanson's article.

III. There was something to admire about Joe Frazier. I have another confession to make, given that I just saw an ad for a new documentary on the Ali-Frazier fights, a film I will try to see soon. Here it is — I never admired Mohammed Ali. Not that much at all. He was a brilliant boxer, but his megalomania ushered a number of deleterious trends into all sports — the ego-driven gestures (which were to be later manifested in everything from spiking the ball to trash talking the opponent) were all repellent.

A mind unclouded by liberalism is a beautiful thing.

May 1, 2009

Another generated event?

So now we have the swine flu. This appears just in time for the vote on the health-care bill. Excuse me if I sound a little incredulous."Nothing happens in politics that is not planned". That is a quote from FDR."Never let a good crisis go to waste". That one is from Rham Emannuel. Has anyone noticed that this "flu" appeared after Obama had his visit to Mexico? This "crisis" is amazingly fortuitous for president Soros If this bill passes , another huge slice of the American economy will be nationalized. With the green movement attacking the oil and power companies using "cap and trade" as their weapon, eventually all major industries will be nationalized. This has been the life goal of Soros as he himself has stated. However none of this could have happened without the help of Mike Huckabee. If memory serves it was Huckabee who hung around in the republican primary when he had no chance of winning. This was done to draw votes away from Romney. Romney would have won the primary if not for Huckabee siphoning off enough votes to get McCain the nomination. We may never know if Romney could have beaten the "chosen one", but he had a much better chance than "liberal lite" McCain. If Romney had become president the generated economic event would not have gone the way it has. The banking leaders with Polson as their spokesman bullied Bush and Obama into these horrendous bailouts.That was easy. Neither Bush, McCain or Obama knows anything about the economy and they have said so. Romney knows money and economics and would have seen right through their power grab. There is no "pandemic". Yet. It is merely another power grab.