For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Feb 16, 2009

We need more power Captain!

A friend of mine and and croquet adversary, Ridgeway, thinks that President Obama and the Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk have the same quirky vocal cadence. "Close your eyes and listen to Obama", he said. So, I did, and sure enough the President sounds like Kirk: The halting inflection, the glibness and the calm delivery. It's all there.

And the Star Trek comparisons mustn't stop with Obama's vocal modulation. We could surmise that the massive pork pie being baked by the government has more than a hint of science fiction in its ingredients. Nikki recently had a comprehensive wish list of starry eyed liberals ...most of it going to pay off every lefty in the Federation with a heartbeat - and some without. I can just hear, let's call him Kirkobama, saying to ACORN, "I with a cool four billion to help your people better register dead voters and steal elections".

To further the Star Trek metaphor, the latest news from Iran is that head Klingon, Mahmoud Iminajihad, wants to have a sit down with President Kirkobama. I foresee the president accepting a gift of Tribbles from Mahmoud in appreciation for getting Bush out of the way. Ultimately, the superstitious, bitter clingers in Western Pennsylvania will wind up waist deep in the furry little creatures - compliments of their President. Predictably, Tribbles turn out to be resource depleting, bad driving, crime committing reprobates. No problemo though, The President will give them all amnesty and remind all the rednecks "I won the election. Deal with it! Straight ahead Mr. Emanuel." Then Kirkobama will promise the Klingons/Iranians that America will stand down if they decide to wipe Israel off the face of the Federation map. Ultimately, the real coup of the much anticipated Kirkobama/Klingon summit will be the discovery that a serious strain of syphilis has infiltrated several of the Mullahs. Kirkobama, in a humanitarian gesture, will call in Surgeon General Sanjay "Bones" Gupta to whip up a tetracycline milkshake to remedy the situation. Thus, a Galactic crisis is averted. But don't mind that mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. Move along, there's nothing to see there.

Of course, the TV/movie Kirk had no problem dealing harshly with the space trash littering up the universe. He'd beam up just in the nick of time to avoid being disintegrated by an exploding civilization. But there was no moping around for Kirk; by dinnertime he was looking forward to new challenges and heading there in warp drive. President Obama on the other hand appears to be looking perpetually backward. His dour crisis mongering is pathetic considering his messianic hype. And backward it is: The President likes to posture himself as a reincarnated Roosevelt. Naturally then, President Obama's economic solution is to boldly go in reverse to where we have gone before - and failed miserably: A big 1930's style government power grab complete with centralized 's solutions to problems government created in the first place. In the Roosevelt era, after 7 years of New Dealism, unemployment was still hovering at 20 percent. America's involvement in World War II was the catalyst for bringing the country out of The Great Depression, not nanny government, aka, socialism.
It has become a hackneyed phrase, but it is apropos considering the galaxy sized can of stupidity being opened by Obama: Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here.


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  2. I think his spaceship is about to ice up.

    Great Blog

  3. Is there not some way to beam the president of Iran into the sun? Along with 40 of his closest mullah friends and, say, that recently launched satellite?

  4. Nooooooooooo! This is blasphemous. Kirk is not like Obama and Obama is not like Kirk. Not at all. Not even a little bit.