For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Mar 26, 2009

Re: Climate change hysteria or inconvienent truth, convienent lie.

Where to start. This is the biggest and smelliest turd ever foisted upon and proud and noble people. This is highway robbery using moronic simplistic psuedo-science as the weapon or choice. Let's begin with the statement "global warming is causing the polar ice-caps to melt". From this the "scientists" have said that the shorelines will raise 20 to 100 feet around the world. The "scientists" base this theory on another lie...that 87% of the worlds icebergs have or are in the process of melting. Well...if in fact 87% of the world's icebergs have melted... then where is the resulting rise in the shoreline? Speaking for the great state of South Carolina...there was zero increase in the water level. Therefore I do not believe the melting of the other 13% of the polar ice caps will matter a whit. Also, does anyone remember high school science? Ice takes up more space than water does. Therefore if the ice caps melt the shorelines will actually recede. Logic is a lost art with "scientists".


  1. Man, considering what obama's doing to this country, what the heck's a little WATER among friends, eh?!

    You are SO RIGHT. this is all as big a hoax and ruse as the RUSH to bring us to socialism. #@&#@*$&

    Good to see you blogging Larry!! your posts were missed! xx

  2. evidently I did learn something in all those classes I failed in HS. Honestly, I have wondered this very thing. If all the ice melts, wouldn't the water do the same thing that it does in my big ole glass of Hudson's Bar B Que sweet tea? Maybe those scientist should drink more sweet tea. Of course that glass has "tea" in it. I suppose that could be the difference, so to solve the problem all we have to do is start filling the oceans with tea. Hey, and we can have a big party while we're at it.

  3. Oooooooh, just you WAIT until you get a load of the Obama "cap and trade" plan when it becomes enabled. And you thought JUST the Porkulus Packages were going to bankrupt this nation? Oooooh, think again. . .


  4. Hey Larry Check this out from PJTV if you havn't seen it.

  5. Sirs, I don't disagree that the man-made global warming hysteria is a hoax. Hypothetically, though, if all the polar ice melted, we would indeed have an increase in the sea levels. Not all the polar ice is on the oceans. A large chunk of it is on the continent of Antarctica, and another very large chunk is sitting on Greenland. Melt them and they run into the ocean.