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Apr 29, 2009

Spector and Specter: April showers bring...

It's been an interesting month for a couple of guys with homophonic names. First, on April 14, Phil Spector of Let It Be fame landed in the the big house for shooting and killing actress Lana Clarkson. A commentary on the whole creepy tale is here. RIP Lana. And sayonara Phil. And Phil, once you get to prison, look into that new invention they call shampoo.

Then yesterday, Arlen Specter, the senior Senator from Pennsylvania, declared himself a Democrat, thus completing his transformation into a completely useless human being. In any event, his McCainish "reach across the isle" routine had him agreeing with big government liberals more often than not, so his changing teams was no big surprise. It's not as if Perez Hilton suddenly found his testicles. A closer look into his decision reveals that he was likely on the way to losing his Republican primary bid for reelection. Hence, he probably liked his chances better as a Democrat. Welcome home Arlen. I'm sure Barry is preparing the fatted calf as we speak.
Politicians in general, and Democrats in particular have nothing but disdain for the voters. Check out the following quotes by Lincoln Chaffee as reported by from the Hufffington Puffington Post's Sam Stein:

Indeed, when I spoke with former Senate moderate Lincoln Chafee about Specter's tough political spot roughly a month ago (when the prospect of a primary challenge had only begun to materialize) he lamented the litmus test that GOP officials are forced to take.
"It's enormous pressure, especially with the threats of primary," said the former Rhode Island Republican. "It is a no win. You are trying to help move the country forward and you have this small universe of a Republican primary in Pennsylvania, you are in for a scrap in it."

If I am hearing Mr. Chaffee correctly, "the small universe of a Republican primary", aka VOTERS, are getting in the way of the massive government regulation and spending that people such as Specter and his new cronies on the liberal left are pushing. How dare the voters not go along with government control of everything! Don't they realize that Washington knows better? How dare someone question Mr. Specter by opposing him in the primaries (and by all accounts running well ahead of him). Liberals like Chaffee see voter consternation as a "litmus test". The people be damned. Obama's will must be done.

Specter obviously views the voter as an impediment to Washington's plan to tax, regulate and restrict Americans on every front. Here's hoping that Pat Toomey cleans Specter's clock in the 2010 election, thus ridding Pennsylvania and the nation of a fool.

Phil Spector is in Pennsylvanians need to add Arlen Specter to the unemployment roll.


  1. Is this his official Senate portrait?

  2. VOTERS? Hissssssss!

    There is a third specter that looms large. The specter of death (a.k.a. the man-caused-disaster that is the Obama presidency) hanging over the free market economy of the greatest, most generous nation in history.

  3. Chuck: Arlen ain't much

    Mike: that used to be tin foil hat territory, but I think you're probably right given the first 100 days.

  4. Arlen Specter is a ridiculous person.

    He's 79 years old. He has been a United States Senator for 28 years. He has expressed fear of losing a primary vote next year - when he'd 80 years old. If he were to win re-election, he would be planning, in effect, to hold office as a Senator until at least the age of 86.

    Richard Nixon wrote about this problem of life-long politicians in a terrific memoir in 1988 which he called In the Arena. He said that guys like Arlen Specter should take some of that leftover campaign money and put a down payment on a condo in Florida, and retire. (Nixon's overall point in the book was that there are many, many ways to stay "in the arena" of public life without being a politician.)

    (I do realize I may be stirring up a hornet's nest, since the hosts of this blog are South Carolinians, and have all that history with J. Strom Thurmond, etc. I'll take the chance anyway.)

  5. ECI: I'll bet a 79 year old Srom Thurmond could have whipped Arlen Specter's ass, but that's about as far as I'll go in defense of ol "Sperm" Thurmond. He married Miss South Carolina when he was in his 60's (another point for Strom!) and was still doing handstands when he was seventy. He probably hung around politics about thirty years too many. Nevertheless, South Kakalackians kept sending him back to a bounced check he kept showing up. But the last twenty years were sort of embarrassing for us homeboys; kind of like what West Va. is going through with Grand Kleagle Byrd. You just hope that he keeps his mouth shut and keeps the pork a comin'. I don't think I ever voted for Strom, for in those shaggy days I wore the yellow stripe...I was a liberal democrat. I am not certain that ol Strom wouldn't have gone along with the current situation were he here today. He was, after all, a party switching politician that, once he had a taste of power, wasn't about to give it up. I'd probably vote for him today.

  6. Larry, don't get me wrong: if the choice on the ballot is between J. Strom Thurmond (or an over-aged Republican in that mould) vs. J. Democrat Whomever, I would vote for Strom in a heartbeat. Better Strom at age 100 than any Democrat, no matter how good he might be on his own, because the Democrat's only contribution in Washington would be to make Harry Reid or his Left-Wing Clone of the Day the Majority Leader. (Ref. Daschle, Tom [D-SD].)

    I guess the point I was making is that at a certain age, these guys should bail on elected office and retire. There is something unseemly, I'm sorry to say, about an 80-year-old with nearly 30 years experience in office who is worried about whether he's going to win another term in the Senate.

    Did you ever meet Strom, btw? An older fellow I know in these parts used to work in SC, and crossed paths with Strom a number of times.

  7. ECI: I did get the shake Stroms hand about thirty years ago at a debate featuring Charles Ravenel (Ravenel was running for governor...later disqualified for having not lived in the state long enough...this after he won the democratic nomination). Strom, in those days, was a firm handshake a glad handing son of a gun. Who knew then that he'd last another 40 damn years...even though it was a little like "Weekend at Bernies" those last few years.