For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

May 1, 2009

Another generated event?

So now we have the swine flu. This appears just in time for the vote on the health-care bill. Excuse me if I sound a little incredulous."Nothing happens in politics that is not planned". That is a quote from FDR."Never let a good crisis go to waste". That one is from Rham Emannuel. Has anyone noticed that this "flu" appeared after Obama had his visit to Mexico? This "crisis" is amazingly fortuitous for president Soros If this bill passes , another huge slice of the American economy will be nationalized. With the green movement attacking the oil and power companies using "cap and trade" as their weapon, eventually all major industries will be nationalized. This has been the life goal of Soros as he himself has stated. However none of this could have happened without the help of Mike Huckabee. If memory serves it was Huckabee who hung around in the republican primary when he had no chance of winning. This was done to draw votes away from Romney. Romney would have won the primary if not for Huckabee siphoning off enough votes to get McCain the nomination. We may never know if Romney could have beaten the "chosen one", but he had a much better chance than "liberal lite" McCain. If Romney had become president the generated economic event would not have gone the way it has. The banking leaders with Polson as their spokesman bullied Bush and Obama into these horrendous bailouts.That was easy. Neither Bush, McCain or Obama knows anything about the economy and they have said so. Romney knows money and economics and would have seen right through their power grab. There is no "pandemic". Yet. It is merely another power grab.


  1. Man, Larry, imagine them going this far to gain power? I have ZERO problem believing you're right, either. It really irked me that obama said he was attacking the economic problems with bipartisanship and never consulted Romney, a guy who DOES know what he's talking about and has exhibited that in many ways. Typical of Obama.

    By the way, I emailed you about this but wanted you to know I just read the comments again and I misread you. Sorry about that. have a great weekend..(it's getting harder and harder for me with what's going on in our country )

  2. They told us the truth on the first day following the election: Always take advantage of a crisis. We can attribute this to Saul Alinsky, on behalf of whom we can thank for both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.


  3. Larry, I´m with you on everything but the no pandemic ;-)

    Exblogitate: Back In Line, Swine. One Pandemic At A Time.I also liked your Ali post. Glad you had that re-awakening.

  4. Mike: Thanks for the comments. The author of this post is t. durham. I'm Larry T. Durham (just dropped the T from my sig). See you at Exblogitate!

    Mustang is right. The Alinskiites are showing up like bounced checks now.