For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

May 12, 2009

The Backdrop of Reality...

If you think borrowing and printing trillions of dollars is a really dumb idea, especially after the last Prez tanked the economy by borrowing (from China) and spending too much (education, illegal immigration, Medicare Prescription Program, Fannie, Freddie, etc) , you're right. If you view closing Gitmo (instead of making it bigger) a sign of weakness before the sworn enemies of Western Civilization, you're right again. If you think increasing US outlays to the United Nations to 54 billion by 2010 is madness, again, you are correct. If you think imposing massive taxes on Americans based on a quasi religious environmentalism is beyond stupid, you may not deserve a medal for astuteness, but you are right again. If you think genuflecting, apologizing and promising to disarm America is a strategy devised by imbeciles, you may not be MENSA material, but you are at the very least awake.

Obamanation, Obamanism,'s all right out of a science fiction novel. The double speak, the assault on individualism - are we not living in a Brave New World? We have arrived in the post American period and it is in a word, surreal.

And speaking of Surrealism, this week we celebrated Salvadore Dali's birthday. Dali of course is famous for being a charter member of surrealists painters who's paintings exhibited the "greater reality" of man's subconscious over his reason. Which, is an apt description of the mind numbing policies listed above. Reason be damned! Every half wit in the world knows that compounding runaway government (Bush) with quadruple the effort (Obama) is unworkable, but, like the Dali paintings, we convince ourselves that it's a beautiful thing, and that it all makes perfect sense if you simply suspend rational thought.

But eventually, to quote Barry Obama's fave-o-rite pastor, the chickens will come home to roost; and reason will again...must rule the day. We ultimately run out of money...other people's money to be more exact, and the slavish relativism of utopian dreams become too scary (and expensive) to comprehend, let alone employ. Like Dali's The Persistence of Memory, we're fascinated by the melting watches, but we know that reality is rigid and unrelenting, not given to our flights of political fancy. Hope and change has a nice ring to it, but if you must rob the free man of his life and his livelihood to achieve it...what good have you done? The background of Memory is stark and not surrealistic at all when juxtaposed to the melting watches. Today, Obamism is the melting phantasm in American politics and culture; while working, creative, risk taking, Americans are the rock solid backdrop of reality. Even Dali eventually gave up the rambling subconsciousness of Surrealism and was soon expelled from the movement. I think it's a stretch to expect Obama to shed his surreal Alinski indoctrination for limited government and rugged individualism; but, freedom loving Americans standing persistently in the background will be there to reintroduce the world to reality once the weak engine of socialism sputters and fails. And it will fail.


  1. You´ve woven a fine tapestry of our American reality, my friend. Forget about being in The Twilight of Western Thought; we´re in The Twilight Zone of Western Thought. But you´re right, "standing persistently."

  2. All right, Larry. You're using a lot of big words that I don't understand, like "surrealism", "quadruple", "astuteness", "juxtaposed", "indoctrination", "chickens", "and", ""the", etc. This is all very hard to follow.

    Seriously, as Mike said, the tapestry has been masterfully woven. What on Earth happened last November 8th? I saw this coming on Election Day, and in fact, I had the situation pegged well over a year ago. I know the alternative (McCain) was crappy, too, but really. It is all unfolding so predictably. When are the blinders going to come off this administration's supporters?

  3. Very well put. I may not be MENSA material ideed, but I am awake.

  4. KrisEveland: thanks for commenting. I think a dumb as a rock southerner like your humble narrator is still smarter than a whacked out liberal mensa member. Keep "telling it" out in Iowa.

    Mike: thanks for the link to The Twilight of Western Thought. I'll be checking it out tonight.

    ECI: I considered using the word "plethora" in the post too, but I realized I had exceeded my $50 word limit...damn it!

    Your American Fiscal Policy and the Presidential Election is awesome. You make a great argument for lower taxes and controlled government growth. Well reasoned and kick ass all the way.

  5. I'm not sure I'd make any of your cuts on smartness but at least I'm ahead of the people on Hannity's "man on the street" interviews. Listening to them I'd say we're toast.

  6. Right Dan, if America survives it won't be because of IQ...or even that we deserve it. God help the USA!

  7. Iowa, they voted for homosexual marriage and California didn't ....go figure. THAT is SURREAL, huh? Kris, talk louder in FLY OVER COUNTRY, you're smart and you're a great guy!
    Larry, great post, but I have to go stick my thumb in my mouth and get under the covers again......I want my America BACK! WAAAAH!

  8. Gay marriage in Iowa and not in Cali-fornia. That is perplexing. Next thing you know California lets Jesus back into the that would be surreal.

  9. Wasn't Iowa decided by the courts?