For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Jun 3, 2009

Have you paid your Jizya today?

The Jizya is a tax levied on non Muslims living in an Islamic state. That's right, you infidels who haven't gotten it together with the local Sharia authority, and who are still worshipping that Jesus fellow (or somebody or something other than Islam), will pay a tax to the ruling imams. The Jizya represents your acceptance of second class citizenship under Islam. Oh, but of course, that couldn't happen here, that's just some fairy tale constructed by neocon warmongers in which to enrich Dick Cheney. Oh yeah, checked out Europe lately? How about Britain? They're building a 70,000 seat Mosque near the 2012 Olympic site...and look who is coughing up the pounds to get it done.

This bloke reveals a UK that is swirling around the multiculti hole...and is possibly only one generational flush away from disappearing from sight forever. The jizya is not a far fetched idea for a secular leaning, non breeding society which ignorantly throws open the borders to a culture that doesn't share their western traditions. You know, traditions like English common law, religious freedom and all the other mundane annoyances which mark free men and women.

To our deluded bothers and sisters here in America: While you blindly play the part of Chicken Little in Al Gore's hysterical enviro tragedy, our president, you know, the guy with the MUSLIM name, is printing money, taxing achievement, confiscating private industry and stealing your economic freedoms right out from under your noses. He's got you worried about environmental disaster, all the while he's clearing the way for a cultural collapse that will mean your end. And he's doing it with your blessings. Your chortling over spreading the wealth and making the rich guy pay will ring awfully empty when your boss pink slips you. It will suck huge when the nanny government you yourself ignorantly chose cap and trades your company out of existence.

And worse still, the void left by the death of the country in which you disdainfully gave over to Obama style moral relativism may very well be filled by the same barbarians that are intimidating the Mother Land as we speak. The same barbarians that Barack Hussein Obama intends to release from Gitmo. The same barbarians that Barry just morally equivocated to American patriots. The same barbarians that fly planes into buildings, implode themselves in Iraqi police stations, who murder US Army recruiters and who shoot at people pumping gasoline. Where are the moderate voices of Islam, passionately calling for their brethren to stop the barbarity? Exactly...crickets.

Unless we start teaching and preaching and defending freedom, the Jizya will be the least of our problems.


  1. taqiyya-means that it is permissible to lie if it protects Islam. Try googling it.

    Our pres was over bowing before Islam today and was probably glad to hear all the taqiyya pouring out of them like suicide bombers out of madrassas. Relived I'm sure that he wasn't going to be called to task on his empty threats of whining to the UN security council.

  2. What are you, a precog? The O-man´s Cairo speech included a little rant about making the Zakat easier for Muslims to pay from the U.S.

    How far behind can the Jizya really be?

    Forget the taqiyya, pass the Tequila.

  3. Forty years from now, our children and grandchildren shall curse us for letting Western civilization die to multiculturalism. God help us.

  4. Hi guys! Its probably easy to cough up the zakat if you're collecting a healthy jizya from the battered and bruised infidels living in your rent-a-tenement. And if you want to keep a little on the side to fatten up the concubine, you can resort to the taqiyya if need be. It's right there in the Ko-ran!

    I've thought the same thing ECI...Is it too late to turn back?

  5. It might not be too late, but it's awfully close to too late. We need to start fighting and a Tea Party every three months isn't going to cut it.
    But, of course, if we speak up, we're "rightwing knuckle dragging bed wetters who are exaggerating the threat and ISN'T that FUNNY?" @#(*$&@# (Saul Alinsky must be dancin')

  6. Z, whenever I bring up Alinsky to my so called politically astute friends, their eyes glaze over and miraculously the subject changes to "the last eight years". Sometimes I think we're only screaming into the void.

    On more uplifting fronts, I'm really enjoying Frogburner's Americanization. God bless him. He's converting at a time when becoming a Yankee is frowned upon by the powers that be.

  7. Hi Larry! I think Frogburger converted when he was about 10 back in France. I wish he'd convert more Americans to the American cause.
    I had to laugh at what you said about Alinsky and leftists...i had the same experience yesterday at a party. You bring up anything critical of Obama or bring up Alinsky, Ayers, etc., and they say "What about BUSH?" I was never a HUGE fan of a lot of what Bush did, so it's easy for me to say "Not all Conservatives adored Bush, believe me" ....that helps sometimes...their eyebrows raise and they start to listen a bit closer. Ya, it might sound like shoving Bush under a bus, but A. He deserves it in some aspects, and B., If doing that helps open some peoples' eyes, I don't mind much.
    I'm really glad you're enjoying my Frogburger interview..he's a great guy. (you are, too!)
    have a blessed Sunday. xxx

  8. I've thought the same thing ECI...Is it too late to turn back?

    It's not too late, but the solutions are very politically incorrect. I don't think the liberal masses and their silly leaders in office would be open to them.

  9. "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come" (2Ti 3:1.)

    Many do not realize that such days are upon us.

    Keep pressing on!

  10. Thanks Bryan, Jesus told the disciples that even he didn't know when he'd be back...But being that we are in "perilous times", I think it would be smart to be ready...Saved that is!

    Z: You're right about W. Bushs' move to the so called center helped push along the agenda that lead to the economic collapse...that and Democratic party rule in the congress.