For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Aug 17, 2009

Another Cluster*%#@ brought to you by Barry Obama:

For those of you who believe in the benevolence of our dear leader(s), get a load of this bend over and grab your ankles waste of taxpayer money brought to you by Obamanation. A tid bit from the article:

Here's how it works: If you're eligible, the government will pay to weatherstrip your doors, insulate your walls and ceilings, fix your windows and, in some cases, buy you a new refrigerator and heating system -- all for free. You just have to sign up with a local community-action group (bold - mine...ACORN anyone?), which will send over workers to do the repairs.
It's proving a rip-off -- the government is spending a fortune for each household that benefits. A quarter of the money is squandered on a vast bureaucracy of regulatory field staff, administrators and training
(imagine that?). Also inflating the costs are prevailing-wage mandates and provisions that encourage states to spend the most money on the fewest homes. With $400 million, New York state intends to repair 45,000 units, or nearly $9,000 a home.

Of course, lefties everywhere will opine that this Titanic waste of taxpayer's money - is a good thing because Bush lied and people died, Bush wiretapped people (Of course Bammy is still doing it, but it's OK now), Katrina, etc, etc!


Read the whole nauseating thing here.


  1. Hi Chuck: Acorn's cut will be sizable I'm sure.

  2. Burst into laughter at the Cluster (@$*&@...thanks, I needed that...especially after reading your post. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I can't bring myself to read the whole article.
    Larry, WHO IS KICKING BACK AT THIS CRAP? ANYBODY? We're watching this country lose its SANITY and we're just typing in response!? (#@$&(@$# is RIGHT.

  3. You nailed it at the end LD. This whole debacle is founded on the left´s irrational hatred and scapegoating of Bush. They have all their hope vested in The One just to prove to the world it wasn´t their failed policies that originally brought us into these messes; Bush did it.

    And they´ll stand their sinking ship 'til we all drown before they admit they were wrong.

    Our typed words are a form of "kicking back" though, Z. The movement isn´t just Republican vs. Democrat anymore. Americans of different stripes are uniting for a common, unified purpose in numerous forums; blogs, tea partys, town halls, etc. They´re (we´re) opening our eyes to the fact that our government has gotten too big for its britches and we´re taking them to task for it. Keep typing.

  4. Thanks one and all for commenting: I love you *%&+$@%*&#^@ !!