For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Oct 23, 2009

It would truly be funny if...

And what would the world be without some parody at the expense of the Bamster:

But thank Heavens for Barry's diplomatic skills...I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about his awesome ability to negotiate:

Actually, I'd really be worried if he didn't have a good, strong woman standing behind him...or in front of him, or on top of him, or wherever the hell she stands. One thing for certain, ain't no French bimbo coming betwixt her and her stud muffin:

But as funny as comrade Barry is, the cold hard fact comes down to this:

Sometimes you just have to laugh...before you bend over, stick your head between your legs, and kiss you arse goodbye.


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  2. Hey LD! Finally got my new blog up and running and can get back around to visit my friends.

    The last image you embedded is what struck me the hardest. As we all know, Obama loves to emulate the European model. He´s done everything he can til now to drive us into total government dependency in the same fashion as, for example, Zapatero has done recently in Spain.

    This summer I took a vacation in Pais Vasco (Northern Spain), which is famous for its terrorist sympathies toward ETA and their efforts to gain independence as a country through the cunning use of car bombs and kidnappings. Even in a factious region such as this, seeking independence from the other governments of Europe, there is still the indellible sentiment that only government can be trusted to take care of the people.

    Here is just one example of the signage and graffiti that is plastered all throughout the region. It´s the exact opposite of your embedded picture. But the equivalent to the Obama mindset.

  3. Even if one were convinced of the need and the justice of imposing new expensive government programs, it is beyond obvious that the only vehicle that could possibly fund it all is capitalism. You go too socialist, and you can't afford half of what you want to impose.

    A contradiction on the surface, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

  4. Mike: Great format at the new blog. Were you able to get some guvmint $ to make it happen? ;)That photo you linked to is (I fear) becoming the prevailing opinion of many in the US as well.

    ECI: Socialism = spread the misery. A lot of folks I know who clamor for centralized government will be the first to bitch and moan once it becomes clear to them that their standard of living is declining. It will be a tough sell when you're working your butt off - and getting no where - while Billy Bob across the street is kicked back in his hammock, drawing a guvmint check and eating guvmint cheese. At least I hope that will bother people. Sometimes I wonder if we haven't already reached the dumbed down point of no return.

  5. Larry: You have no idea how right you are. Canadians, for example, are in a severe state of denial about the public health care system. Poll after poll shows high support for it - likely because if you answer otherwise you're branded for life - but everyone, including me, has a horror story about waiting for an appointment, a test, a surgery, etc. It's beyond belief.

    But at least it's fair and equal.

  6. Wow, I thought I had you on my Google reader. Missed this one.

    Just wanted to invite you over for a cheese sandwich.

  7. I'll come Dan, but only if it's govmint cheese.

    ECI: Stay healthy brother!