For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Apr 17, 2009

It's getting crowded on the protest grounds!

Greenville Tea Party Update:

ACORN (if they show up) will have company. The Greenville County Democratic Party and Urban (sup dawg?) radio station WJMZ are holding a protest at the same the same place as the Tea Party. The Democrats and Hip Hoppers are protesting Governor Mark Sanford's handling of South Carolina's share of the stimulus money. All under the guise of "Save our schools".

While Republicans protest government spending in front of the arena, Democrats will be protesting Gov. Mark Sanford’s stance on $700 million in economic stimulus money in the back.
A "Save our Schools" rally organized by the Greenville County Democratic Party and local radio station WJMZ is scheduled to start in the Bi-Lo Center parking lot at the same time as the Republican tea party.

60% of state taxes already go to education...but it is never enough. Every school in Greenville County has been rebuilt within the last few years at enormous costs to taxpayers...but it is never enough. Teachers make a good living (many working only 9 months a year) and, if they survive until retirement, receive a full pension and benefits all on the public tab until they die...but it is never enough.

And now, Democrats (are all teachers Democrats?) are hookin' up with the purveyors of Snoop Dog, Kanye and Akon (WJMZ) to jockey for position at the government teat.

What a contrast: Thousands gathering together to protest the waste and corruption of their government...and tens, or maybe hundreds, huddled together yapping for money that should never have been appropriated in the first place.

So in honor of the interesting collaboration of the Greenville County Democratic Party and "Gangsta" WJMZ, a right wing extremist version of Money.


  1. Oh, MAN, now Lennon and Harrison are rolling in their graves!? RIGHT WING from the Beatles!? They'd die if they weren't dead already, right!?
    See how clean cut and happy they appear...? Till the Hippie culture they helped create completely messed them (and nearly the world) over?
    I'm a fan, but looking back makes me wake up to a lot of stuff.

    Everyone has to stop thinking that rebuilding a school's going to help the kids learn..not unless the parents REALLY care and are heavily involved and even checking the indoctrination level of textbooks and attitudes in the classroom. More money...stupid. I know you're not a huge fan of Sanford, but he's appealing to me more and more!! xx

  2. Z - I was being a little facetious about the Beatles being right wing extremist. Obviously, John Lennon was as big a left wing whack job as ever lived; and Harrison was all strung out on Bhuddism or Hinduism or some other ism. You're right, looking back does wake you up about a lot of stuff. For instance, I was nearly 30 before I realized Lennons's Imagine was a really crappy song extolling the virtues of moral revelevance. When I hear it now I cringe.

    No doubt, the key to education is parental involvement - and especially combating NEA inspired liberal indoctrination. But the Demos and the education bureaucrats are clamoring for the stimulus money like a crack addict who hasn't had a fix in a week. But with these guys it is never enough. They always come back for more.

    Still not sold on Sanford. He has butted heads with the entrenched good ole boy system in SC - I will give him that, but he's done a poor job of selling SC. A major aspect of the governor's job in this state.