For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Apr 15, 2009

Looking for the perfect party song...

I'd hoped to find a YouTube of Sam Cooke doing We're Having a Party, but alas there was none to be had. There was Rod Stewart's version, but it's just not the same. Sam's original effort is far my humble opinion.

We're having a party,
dancing to the music
played by the D.J.
on the radio...
So, Mister, Mr. D.J.
keep those records playing
coz I'm having such a good time,
dancing with my baby

Well I don't know how much dancing we'll be doing Friday night, but we will be protesting the ever lengthening reach of Daddy guvmint...along with thousands of our fellow disgruntled citizens at the Greenville, South Carolina Tea Party.

Word has it that a contingent of ACORN members will counter protest across the street from the Party. To them we say come on down you bunch of deadbeat parasites. Maybe you'll learn something about your nation by witnessing your fellow Americans admonishing their government for spending too much money and stomping on individual freedoms. But we won't be holding our collective breath, we are well aware of your organization's addiction to government pork and political correctness. And we are also aware of your thick as theives relationship with St. Barry.
On another matter, I have several dead relatives interested in voter registration...and I'm told you guys at ACORN are the ones to see about such things.

If ACORN shows up as predicted, then you can bet your diversity training that somebody will whip out the race card. After all, it is a basic tenet of progressivism that only the unrepentant bigot would publicly clamor for limited government. Of course, limited government (if a reality) would not fund quasi Marxists groups such as Acorn. That fact could be the driving force behind their counter protests. This group of government funded shakedown artists knows they exist only by the grace of the taxpayer...

You may now play the race card in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...


  1. I hope you'll post on your tea party. Just remember, according to Janet Napolitano, you are probably a right wing extremist and she'll be watching. Don't worry though, Nancy Pelosi's got your back. She thinks anyone who attends such events are "easily fooled." No doubt she's remembering how easily fooled democrats were in selecting Barack Øbama. They are both witches. Did I spell that correctly?

  2. Mustang, thanks for dropping by: Extremeist T. Durham, and yours truly extra chromosome Larry T. Durham, will have reports and photos of the event. I look forward to rubbing elbows with my fellow right wing robots. Also, I think I'll take the blue ribbon in the Goose Stepping contest. I've been practicing.

    As long as "Dammit Janet" Napolitano is watching, can Nancy watch too. I'm getting leg thrills at just the thought of it!