For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Apr 8, 2009


Perusing the greater minds of intelligentsia, I came upon this splendid editorial by Victor Davis Hanson. Of all the great dissections of Obama's visit to Europe, this is one of the best. Hanson provides an insightful punch list on just how insidious this trip was. This observation appears near the end of the list.

A modest suggestion: from now on, every president who wishes to go abroad and review all his lesser citizens’ collective past and present sins, with accompanying apologies — to applause from foreigners — must first, in the spirit of New Testament atonement, review his own regrettable transgressions. It would go something like this:

Hanson then applies that standard to Obama...and with devastating results. Here is what "The One" might say should he take the plank out of his eye first:

“Today we witness a global financial meltdown — a result of a dangerous nexus between lax politicians and unethical high finance. I know this well, and wish to apologize for taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the now-bankrupt AIG financial firm, which sought to escape proper regulation by offering campaign contributions to politicians like myself, who unilaterally renounced the three-decade tradition of public campaign finance.”

Hanson nails it. He also exposes Obama's muddled foreign policy. The President seems to be apologizing for Guantanamo and torture, while at the same time continuing the Bush policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ponder: Daily those from Waziristan to Kuwait promise another 9/11 like hit. Iran tries everything under the sun to get its bomb. We send thousands more soldiers to Afghanistan; we kill dozens each month with Predator strikes in Afghanistan (rather a bit meaner than putting terrorists into Guantanamo cells with Korans and Mediterranean food).

Read it from the beginning. It's a great editorial with many compelling insights. This is the type of hard hitting commentary that turned me from a clueless, feeling liberal into an inquisitive, thinking conservative.


  1. Hanson's fantastic! Thanks for this.
    And thanks for your kind comments on Mr. Z's article at my place...
    We've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hanson and hearing him speak...quite a guy. Very humble, rather quiet and very SMART!
    Nice, huh? Iran's threatened us to death (literally) and now they want to talk with THE ONE... that news was rec'd today. And, we WILL lower ourselves...after all, now, after obama, we're "just another country" Part of the great (or not so great) new world order. grrr
    Love hearing how libs become conservatives. Good on you, Larry!!!

  2. Z,

    I am dumbfounded by what is transpiring. I'm running out of things to say about Saint Barry and this sickening push to one worldism. You guys keep up the heat at geeeeez...I'll keep tuning in. Meanwhile, I'll go hunch down in the corner and babble incoherently. Just kidding about the hunch down in the corner part. :-)

  3. between you and me, Larry, I've been considering shutting geeeeZ down. Ya, far too much time spent, etc., BUT, I JUST CANNOT make the final decision to DO IT. I LOVE all you guys and love posting (picking pictures, colors of ink, etc..) AND< MOSTLY, I LOVE having a rousing conversation on my comments sections. People come back and respond to each other, THOSE are my happiest blogging times!'s wearing me down, Larry. I must admit. I don't have the time or the desire anymore to constantly visit all the other blogs just so they'll come comment at my place, though all of them are SO's depressing me!
    Anyway...thanks for coming by. And please don't YOU stop blogging. WE ARE ALL FED UP!
    We just have to 'keep babbling', incoherent or NOT!! (and none of us is ever incoherent! We leave that to the NYSlimes!)

  4. Z,

    Oh no, we'll keep blogging here at TBD and MTH. I think I'm just a little down because of the magnitude of what is really happening with our nation. I'm running out of snarky things to say...that haven't already been said by somebody else...and better. I'm certain that I'll get motivated again after our Tea Party next Friday in Greenville SC. T Durham and I are attending with cameras in hand. We're hoping that a few ACORN types show up for some comic relief. But I doubt there'll be much in the way of counter-protesting; Southerners can be a cantankerous lot - and who knows what will happen if a bunch of Obamnoids turn up. And from what I'm hearing on local talk radio - people are really pissed about the creepshow going on in DC. Ought to be interesting.

  5. Happy Tea Party Day, Southern men! I know your local party is a couple of days away, but I hope it's a nice day when you head out and that you fellas show those flat-footed goombahs in Washington who's really in charge.