For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Jul 21, 2009

Nobody nukes Obamanation like VDH!

Victor Davis Hanson should be mandatory reading for the minded numbed masses of Obama voters who still cling to the idiotic notion that any of this Bolshevik crap is going to work.

From his excellent work:

Americans are waking up to the fact that their president says, promises, and does things that simply do not make sense, at odds with what they know of human physics — with the predictable nature of the way humans have conducted themselves for centuries: Borrowing is debt, not “stimulus”; serial apologies soon sound insincere or become counterproductive; blaming someone else becomes tiresome; scapegoating leads nowhere; taking responsibility for failure is as necessary as being praised for success; people can be fooled only so many times by sonorous, ego-laced rhetoric.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. This frustrates me. I love VDH and wish more Americans were reading him! Darn! He makes such sense. Truth seems to be dying in America these days...and, pretty soon, there'll be no health care good enough to keep it alive :-(

  2. I thought from the beginning about Obama that his time will be up sooner rather than later. Some buy into his rhetorical skills, he has the media shilling for him, and he has the "it's Bush's fault" card to play for awhile.

    In the end though, the truth wins out. Some will alwasy be enamored with him and will follow him into the sewers. Most though will eventually realize that there is no there there. He is just an empty suit.

  3. I've heard the name VDH. I can never keep these guys straight. I find myself thinking when I hear some of these names "is he one of ours?".

    As to his article, I do not relate. I must add that since last Nov., my opto-meter has been pegged on low, and I do not find myself confident that the people of this great nation will pull their heads out in time to avert our date with disaster.

    Consider that we elected this intelligentciatic robot only seven short years post 9/11 after his promises to undue all that was done to keep such an event from happening again. I'm sure with his "blame Bush" card and the fawning media, he will still be jet-setting and sittin pretty for 2012 no matter what happens.

  4. Z: VDH is one of the most insightful conservative writers out there. If only our brethren would wake up and smell the reality.

    Chuck: It's scary just how vacant this cat really is. Hell, I'm already using my "blame Obama" card. ;)

    Dan: Don't givce up brother...but I know how you feel.